2023’s New Year’s Resolution? Stop Grinding!

As we start afresh in 2023, we may feel the temptation to begin any number of resolutions. Common themes among those wishing to change themselves will often be around getting healthier, going to the gym, dieting or stopping drinking. Our desire to start the new year in a physically and mentally stronger place is a strong one and whilst many start the year thinking about their health, they often forget the importance of oral health.

So, when people commit to ‘new year, new me’ there is a resolution that is often forgotten. Bruxism or teeth grinding is thought to impact 1/3 of all people; but despite this, many don’t realise they are suffering unless they are told by a partner that they have been grinding whilst they sleep. Bruxism can inflame the TMJ joint and cause migraines, jaw pain and locked jaw & have a lasting impact on your quality of life.  

As part of our mission to ensure everyone has a good night’s sleep, we recommend all those that suffer make stopping grinding their 2023 resolution to keep a beautiful smile and stop the effects of long-term bruxism. Keep your mouth healthy all year long!