Introducing the ProRx - the Next Generation Low-Temp, Fast Form Teeth Grinding Guard

SleepRight Europe are proud to launch our latest innovation – the ProRx – the next generation of dental guards for teeth grinding. Having begun with boil and bite technology in the 1950’s, the evolution of teeth grinding guards has now led to the development of the custom fit, low-temp fast form ProRx dental guard.

For the first time, the ProRx utilises molar guides and a front centre notch to give you the perfect fit without having to guess the position of the guard or start over repeatedly to get it right.

Unlike boil and bite guards – 70-year-old technology – the ProRx fits at 60˚C instead of 100˚C, reducing the risk of burn injuries and avoiding the smell of overheated plastics. The low heat form teeth grinding guard also provides greater safety, some boil and bite guards may contain additives which can leach out at high microwave temperatures. This is particularly poignant given that these additives can disrupt the hormone system and can cause infertility, asthma, obesity, diabetes, cancer and neurological disorders in infants.

The ProRx also brings, for the first time to Europe and over the counter solution that exploits new internal core technology. Built into the frame of the guard are lattices that provide extra durability, whilst also maintaining a low-profile design – allowing the ProRx to withstand over 2,000,000 Bruxing cycles under laboratory conditions.

If you suffer from Bruxism (teeth grinding) then don’t tolerate damage to your teeth – the ProRx is the next generation technology for grinding guards that is affordable and comfortably protects your teeth.