Keeping Your Oral Appliances Clean in the COVID Era

As Coronavirus has swept around the globe, people have become ever more acutely aware of personal hygiene and cleanliness – as illustrated most notably by the ubiquity of masks whenever you venture outside your front door.

Dental guards, which sit inside your mouth for 8 hours a night, need to be kept clean as they are a breeding ground for bacterial and yeast like fungal growths. Some people try and keep their appliances clean using standard cleaning tablets, water or toothpaste – however, this does not provide a high level of disinfection and cannot remove all types of bacterial and fungal growth. 

FreshGuard is our recommended cleaner for the SleepRight dental guards, as it is the only cleaning solution that is anti-bacterial, fungicidal and yeasticidal – removing yeast like fungi such as Candida Albicans from the appliance, leaving it fresh and clean. Killing 99.99% of bacteria (in accordance with DIN EN 1040) it is a highly effective complimentary cleaning solution.

As we stop to consider what the ‘new normal’ will be, after a year of havoc wrought by the coronavirus, we highly urge those that suffer from Bruxism and utilise a mouth guard or other oral appliances to keep them clean using FreshGuard.