SleepRight Europe is Proud to Announce the Launch of the FreshGuard Ortho Clean, Denture Clean and Pro-Mouthwash

SleepRight Europe is proud to announce the launch of our next generation of FreshGuard cleaning solutions for oral care products including dental guards, removable braces, and dentures.

Under the FreshGuard brand, our range now includes:

  • FreshGuard Ortho Clean
  • FreshGuard Denture Clean
  • FreshGuard Pro Mouthwash

Offering a full range of cleaning options for all orthodontic appliance users.

The Ortho Clean and Denture Clean gently cleans removable appliances easily, cost effectively and safely. Specifically designed to remove bacterial and fungal growth they leave your appliance fresh, clean, and comfortable to wear.

The FreshGuard range was first developed to answer the most common question we received from SleepRight teeth grinding guard customers, namely: ‘how do I keep my guard clean?’ This question has only become more important in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and SleepRight are keen to ensure that we continue to offer our customers an affordable and effective cleaning option in tandem to our range of dental guards.

Our new range of FreshGuard products also provide longevity of supply, with one bottle offering 3 months use, even when used daily; with our Ortho Clean also providing a fresh minty flavour.

SleepRight will now also be offering a dental surgery quality mouthwash for the home! The FreshGuard Pro Mouthwash helps prevent the transmission of viruses by aerosols and bathes your mucous membranes in lingonberry – which has natural anti-inflammatory properties.

As part of our launch, we are providing 10% off the entire FreshGuard range until the end of September 2022. If you use code FRESHGUARD at checkout this discount will be applied.