SleepRight Europe Partners with ADHD Awareness Group FAST MINDS to talk about the Relationship between Bruxism and ADHD

SleepRight Europe and FAST MINDS Kingston teamed up on Monday (24/01/2022) to provide a presentation on Bruxism and its relationship with the ADHD and Neurodiverse community. In the hour long briefing SleepRight Europe’s Managing Director, shared his experiences with stress, Bruxism and TMJD (temporomandibular joint disorder).

As both ADHD and Bruxism both often go undiagnosed and misunderstood there was a great deal of shared experience to be imparted in the session. Through the hour-long meeting, members also expressed their own experiences having suffered from teeth grinding, teeth clenching and TMJD. SleepRight Europe and FAST MINDS both shared where health and wellness best practises including ‘lips together, teeth apart’ and other sleep hygiene best practises can improve your oral health.

The two-way discussion also saw members impart candid feedback on how ADHD has impacted their own oral health, such as where use of commonly prescribed stimulants such as Adderall have provoked Bruxism.

SleepRight Europe also conducted a Q&A segment, answering questions around the use of ready to wear guards including how to keep the guards clean, how long they should be used for and what guard might be appropriate for each user – answers to which can also be found at our FAQ page

We intend to continue working with FAST MINDS to support members that suffer from Bruxism to improve awareness of the condition and provide resources to help them mitigate their grinding and move towards a better night’s sleep!