SleepRight Launches SinuSet Nasal Filters to Protect You During Hay Fever Season!

SleepRight are proud to launch the SinuSet Nasal Filter. The filter, designed and created with materials which eliminate the symptoms of seasonal allergies protect from hay fever, as well as pollution, smog, and industrial dust.

Designed to limit our exposure to allergens, this small and discreet filter is inserted directly into the nostrils & is capable of filtering and eliminating pollens by creating an effective barrier against fine particles 10Pm or less as well as pollen.

When these particles, such as pollen, get into our bodies our immune system can produce histamines – which can result in clogged and runny noses, sore eyes and sneezing. Exposure to allergens should always be avoided and your doctor can advise you on the appropriate drugs and treatments for nose congestion or inflammation, sore eyes, sneezing of cough. Airborne allergens such as smoke, pollens, moulds or mites are usually what causes a stuffy nose and unfortunately are not always avoidable, this is when SinuSet nasal filters can help.

As summer gets into full swing, the need to always check the pollen levels is at the front of many people’s minds. Thankfully, with the new SinuSet filter, you can go about your day with the assurance that you are more protected against allergies. SinuSet are small and easy to use nose filters which are inserted through the nostrils and shield you from airborne substances without the use of drugs. They come in small and large sizes and are appropriate for adults and children.